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All galleries come with a link for download in which you may print as you please.  However, when printing at offsite places such as Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc what you receive in print will not equal what is delivered to you on your computer.  They make unauthorized changes to colors and contrast.

To ensure you get what you see and what you paid for I strongly recommend ordering prints through me.  I use a reputable professional printing lab by the name of White House Custom Color.

You will send me a list with the image number and size you want.  I will then put together you order.  Once payment is received I will submit the order.  They will be shipped straight to your door!  How much easier can it get!?

Prints and prices are as follows:

4x6- $1.50/per image

5x7- $2.50/per image

8x10- $4.50/per image

11x14- $9.50/per image

12x12- $9.00/per image

16x20- $22.00/per image

For canvas prints, please contact me for references.  While I can have canvases printed, it is much more expensive than necessary.  

All orders are $7.50 to ship with a minimum of $20 print order.

I can't wait for you to see how beautiful your images are! 

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